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Spread some Joy- Tiffany Owens

Spread some Joy- Tiffany Owens

Spread Some Joy


-Happiness and laughter-life’s natural medicine. Happiness is more than a phrase; it’s a way of living, a way of doing, and a way of interacting. Happiness has an abundant amount of benefits to the body and mind, more than just a smile or the platform to a “good day”. Renowned benefits include a healthier heart, a strengthened immune system, fewer aches and pains, greater use of intellect and efficiency, and longevity. So how do we create this happiness and joy and how can it be sustained? Here are five tips/tricks to help you increase your level of happiness and make way for a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

-Be Grateful- This is something too many of us forget to do. I will be the first to admit that I often take things for granted and do not appreciate all life has to offer and the opportunities that I’ve been given. Being grateful for what we have and cherishing every little moment in a day, or even saying thank you can go a long way for you and those whom you are grateful for.

-Reduce Stress-This is a big task to many, but you can start by surrounding yourself with positivity; including people, places or things and eliminating Negative Nancys or Debbie Downers. This could also mean worrying less about things outside of your control. Too often we get consumed with the chore of trying to control our surroundings. Once you come to terms that life is forever unpredictable and not everything may be scheduled and structured, you begin to release the pressure and weight of responsibility thus, reducing stress.

-Embrace & Be Open- Take a chance and live in the moment. Embrace the small talk of a new neighbor, be open to change at work, never limit your mind or possibilities. Let’s be real, living in the moment isn’t easy with three kids and a spouse, but embracing spontaneity every once in a while keeps the soul fresh and young.

-Forgive-Forgiveness is a big word and an even bigger challenge. As children we forgive more often because we are more trusting and optimistic. As adults we have experimented through life’s trial and errors of which we have learned to build barriers in order to protect ourselves. Step outside of your walls and climb down from your ego and learn to forgive more frequently. Forgiveness is the path to spiritual awakening for many and emotional justice for all.

-Fake the Funk- Better known as “Fake It Til You Make It!” Even if you’re feeling down and are certain the whole world is against you, just smile. The simple motion of smiling releases endorphins (happy hormones) and improves your mood and helps you feel less tense. Tell yourself “today will be a good day” when you wake up in the morning. It tricks your brain into already believing in positivity, that way, you are more likely to react favorably to things that would normally drive you mad.

These positive habits are great not only for maintaining a work life balance, but keeping the peace in your social relationships and is applicable to anyone of any age. Parents, share these tips with your children. Start healthy habits early to influence positive behavior well into adulthood.

Dr. Timothy Sharp of The Happiness Institute states “Happiness is determined more by our minds than by our circumstances”. Always remember that happiness is measured by each person differently meaning, what makes you happy may not be the same for the next person so, try to understand and accept rather than dismiss and judge.