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How Education Liberates?

How Education Liberates?

“Education liberates us from the shackles that are within us and from the shackles that are imposed on us by the society”-Dr. Fazaga. Growing up, I was told that education is important because it helps shape your future. But, as a teenager, it never made sense to me. How is Algebra and History going to shape my future? Algebra certainly doesn’t have magical powers. Look at those professional athletes! They make millions of dollars a year without a degree. They also seem to have an amazing life. Growing up, I could not see the connection between education and a successful, good life.

But half way through college, I’ve come to realize something that was eye-opening for me. One of my teachers, Dr. Fazaga, had told me something very special. He told me that the main benefit of education is that “Education liberates us from the shackles that are within us and from the shackles that are imposed on us by the society.” Education makes you a responsible citizen and allows you to make objective, informed decisions. Since then, I have come to realize that education may or may not have the power to change my future but it definitely has the power to transform my present.

I started working at the ERG during my senior year of college. I’ve had number of jobs since high school. I worked at an auto shop, worked at a lab, did pizza delivery during the summer, worked as a student ambassador, worked as a waiter etc. But ERG was different. Working at ERG, I actually realized something really important. When you help, encourage, advise others to do something, it actually has a profound impact on yourself. It’s like throwing a tennis ball at the wall. Whether the wall feels it or not, it surely comes back to you. I would encourage students to do well in school and that would help me do better at my own studies. Working with so many kids was an amazing experience. It’s a pleasure to see students improve and reach their maximum potential. I don’t really know why, but at some point, their success becomes your own success.

Education may or may not guarantee financial stability. But it does guarantee an enlightened individual. It is an honor to be part of the Educational Resource Group because it helps kids get an education no matter how hard that might be for some of them.