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Summer Learning

Summer Learning

Do Olympic gold medalists stop training for two months a year? No, they are always practicing so that they can be the best. For students to do their best, they cannot take two months off from school and expect to come back the same they were when they left. Summer learning loss is an issue faced by most students today. When summer comes around students break their sleep and education schedule. When they return to school the next year, getting the brain used to learning all day while adapting to a new sleep schedule leaves students drained, and if they cannot adjust fast enough, it can force students to start behind.

Most students spend their summers going on vacations, going to camps, playing video games and doing anything but school work. Meaning that when school starts again, students will struggle to remember where they left off the year before. To help with this most courses have a few days of review at the beginning of the year. However, most students are too tired from readapting sleep schedules to retain all the information reviewed thoroughly. Courses build upon each other so by forgetting or not understanding things from previous years, students may start the year without having a solid foundation, which can prevent them from reaching their full potential.

So how can you help your student? The answer is simple, a summer learning program. By having something as simple as a 2-hour a week learning program students can remember material, work on weak areas, and even get ahead. As Brian Herbert once said, “The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.” So help your students have the capacity, ability and willingness to learn by sending them to an ERG Summer Program.