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We offer several types of assessments at the ERG.

Cognitive Evaluation
The Cognitive Evaluation is our most requested evaluation that measures the underlying processing skills of each client. This is a critical evaluation in order to identify the causes of learning struggles or differences. This is a very useful tool for identifying the causes of learning struggles. The evaluation takes approximately 1½ hours to complete.

Attention and Executive Functioning
The Attention and Executive Function evaluation assesses the symptoms associated with ADHD as well as the symptoms associated with Executive Functioning Disorder. It is useful in ruling out the presence of ADHD and provides the diagnostic and behavioral input that many pediatricians and primary care physicians require when assessing a patient for ADHD symptoms. The cost of this evaluation is $199 and it takes approximately 1 hour to complete. If added to a cognitive evaluation, the time and cost are reduced.

Educational Evaluation
Our Educational Evaluation can focus on Reading or Mathematics. Our Reading Evaluation will gauge a student’s underlying auditory processing abilities as well as provide a measure of basic reading decoding and word attack skills, reading fluency skills, and reading comprehension abilities. We not only evaluate the student’s ability to use and apply mathematical concepts, but we also assess the automaticity with which they can quickly solve math calculations problems. Each educational evaluation is $199 and takes about 1 hour to complete.

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