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By Priscilla R., ERG Coach About four years ago I saw an ad that asked a brilliant question with an obvious answer: Do you want to help make people smarter? For me the answer was a resounding, “Yes!” I found that ad and started at The ERG at nearly the same time as I was looking into graduate programs. I wanted to study neuroscience, but that involved many years of school and commitment. I did

By Wendy D., ERG Coach Working at ERG has truly been an eye-opening experience. Working with students that have a strong need to organize and prioritize their school work and their social activities has helped me learn more about the student, and even more about myself. The saying, “That’s the pot calling the kettle black” fits my circumstances perfectly. Reflecting on my educational career, I think of how guilty I was

By: Matt B.; ERG Coach Everybody likes being told they are doing a good job. Knowing you are headed the right way on the path towards success or self-improvement is a great feeling. Most of the time, people want to gauge themselves and physically see their improvements. Take, for example, someone who works out often. Although people work out for a number of different reasons (i.e. to become healthier, stronger, or happier) nearly everyone

By Gina M.; ERG Coach It's that time of year again, a time that can fill the hearts and mind of countless students (and parents) with dread- time for the Science Fair. But why is the idea of individual science projects so stressful for many people? Shouldn't it be a time for students to get excited about expressing their interests in science and solving problems creatively? Of course, but it can be an intimidating

By Garrett B., Brain Cafe Coordinator April 4th, 2012 was a beautiful, sunny morning. I could have thought of millions of other activities I would’ve rather done than sit in a dark office for two hours taking a cognitive and math assessment. My frustration with school had reached a maximum and my understanding of fundamental math concepts had plummeted to the point where I struggled to simply add two numbers together. Furthermore, I began

By: Andrew M. , ERG Coach With the weather turning cold, and the holidays approaching, this is the perfect time to point out that games are some of the best ways to ensure a healthy brain. Just like a muscle, our brains require exercise to improve and stay strong. Games are able to provide an opportunity for this exercise, and they do it in a way that is fun. With